~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Muffin at vet, Biscuit at home

The babies did not enjoy the trip to the vet. Muffin was in the hard carrier in the front seat and Biscuit was in the soft one in the back. I think I made the right choices for each. Poor things were so upset. Muffin was freaking out at first. Meowing loudly and trying to dig his way out of the carrier. Then he just hunched down in one corner of the carrier as small as he could get and shook. And the usually silent Biscuit meowed and meowed his smaller raspier meow the whole way too.

When we got to the office we sat in the waiting room for a bit and I put Biscuit on one side of me and Muffin on the other. I opened he door on Muffin's carrier and pet him and scratched his chin and tried to be comforting. I think it worked. He seemed more normal after a while. I also pet Biscuit a bit but he seemed much more chill. There was a guy with an old dog waiting and a few people came in and out but it wasn't too bad. The kitties didn't seem to bothered.

When we got called in, I decided to start with Muffin because there wasn't much to discuss. I asked her to check their ears for mites because they've all be digging and she said she would clean him out while he was under and check it under the microscope. But she figures it is. So do I. She took him in the back and then we moved on to Biscuit. It took me a bit to get him out of the carrier. I told her about his belly and asked her not to squish it too hard because it freaks me out. And that when he runs, he makes that sound like when you shake a water bottle. She agreed that it felt like a weak muscle wall or some sort of hernia and told me it might be better for him to see a specialist. At the office there, they just give them a shot to put them out and if his thing caused any issues with him breathing while he was out, that could be bad. She recommended taking him to MSU so they could check him out and maybe he could have an ultrasound to see what's where in him. Also, they'd be able to have him monitored and on oxygen while he's out and that would be safer. She said she'd set up an appointment for me and let me know the details when I pick up Muffin tomorrow morning. I have a feeling that my finances, that I've been trying to get in order, are quickly going to be very much not in order.

I don't want to go down there by myself. I guess who could go with me will depend on when it is. I know it's probably a good idea and that it will be good to see what's really going on in there and to have him neutered in a safer environment for him. It still worries me and gives me something to stress about. Bleah.

And poor Muffin is all by himself. Had they both been getting done today, they would have been caged together and had each other for company. I feel bad for him. And anxious for him, even though I've had plenty of cats in for neutering before. Still. These are my babies. It's different.
Tags: critter tales

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