~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

pic processing & flickr-ing notes to self

Start with August 18 2007, photo #184 for pic processing.
Start with april 6 2008 for post-Muffin & Biscuit pic processing. some done, some not. go back through.

Start with October 3 2006 for flickr uploading.
Secondary uploading, start with Oct. 29, 2002.

Digital photo stuff - add to flickr
red statue, grid, graffiti (delta) from 09/14/05
sun flare, tree tesselations, deer tracks from 09/27/05

Sharpening: Image -->Mode --> Lab Color
Then go to channel mixer, select lightness (a and b will be off), do unsharp mask to this. Then switch everything back. Color will be RGB.
Tags: notes

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