~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

sick? still a maybe.

I slept probably 10 hours last night. It was lovely. I still could have slept more.
My skin is being super weird. I'm breaking out when this week I really should be having awesome skin. And I am not. I have the large painful lump kind of things. One next to my nose and one on my thigh and one on the other side of my nose that is on it's way out. I also had one on my back earlier in the week that I got and then it left. But ew. What's the deal. Maybe I really am fighting something off. I forgot to drink my airborne this morning. Steve and I are at g-ma's now so I'll have to drink it when we get back.

I'm actually going to take pictures off my camera today! Wee!
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