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Letter to the editor: It's the second letter down

Abortion to blame?

Editor, The News:

The automobile industry and the building industry seem to be in a slump. Now that is a sorry event, and the idea of a recession is not far from our minds.

As I consider the plight of those industries, with much concern, the thought comes about the approximately 40 million abortions that have taken place in our country during the past 30 years. Could those abortions have something to do with the fact that some of those babies could have reached an age where they could go out and buy a house or a car? Those babies are nonexistent.

The thought staggers the imagination because abortion is still legal and fully developed babies can be aborted even in the process of being born. That is called ''partial birth abortion.''

The automobile industry and the housing industry are in trouble. The fact that some schools are closing for lack of students also makes me want to know when will it all stop.

Are we putting some industries out of business and thousands of people out of work?

Jean Gray

Bridgeport Township
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