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winter >:( ; food; dream

Let's start with how much I do not dig winter. Today especially, though I don't like it other days either. I had snow over my ankles getting to and clearing off my car. My pants and socks and shoes are wet and I'm kind of cold. It took me a very long time to get all the snow off my car and Steve had cleared it off for me last night. I'm glad he did. It might have made the difference between me getting myself out and him having to give me a ride (this may have been part of his motivation, but I appreciate it just the same). The snow was pretty deep in parts of the driveway and I thought I was going to get stuck at one point. But I made it out. Our street was pretty snowy. It was slippery but I got through it. Turning corners was challenging. I almost got stuck going from Mitchell to Weiss and then it was so slippery I couldn't go very fast. My car made it's awful noise a lot. Apparently it doesn't like snow either. I had some sort of Hummer thing on my ass and the Hummer thing and it's person even passed me! Jerk. :P Once I got to State it wasn't too bad. Still slippery, so slow going, but not so snowy. I was worried about the street behind the building here but it was drivable. And now here I am.

I'll take some pictures when I get home from work later.

I brought a sandwich for breakfast this morning. Super fibery bread, natural peanut butter with flax and simply fruit strawberry jam. Pretty good. I have an apple for later. I will need to force myself to eat it.

My dream was strange and I don't know what was up with all that. I also have forgotten a lot of the details. I do remember that in one part I was in my old house and I was going to go to the house behind us but it was my dad's house(?) and my grandma didn't want me coming home in the dark and I asked her what I was supposed to do then and she said, "well don't go!" as though it should have been obvious. In another part T was in the kitchen of my old house with me and he was telling me he wanted to have 7 or 8 kids and I was trying to say that it was a little late to start without it sounding like I was saying 'you're old!'.

Last night I made blended margaritas for Steve and me and we drank them, watched videos on youtube and had pepperoni pizza lean pockets for dinner. I stayed awake until after 10:30 talking to him and so I'm tired. I haven't gotten to bed on time yet this week.
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