~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

wtf_inc is amusing

The story so far (with thanks to orwellian_trash for the summary, which I snagged from the comments of this post.):

"Originally hulazombie posted the elaborate election poster of the elaborately named Theodore Terbolizard and of course the post spawned several macros and other images. Later on, however, Mr. Terbolizard himself became aware of them, posted a link to the post on his website and emailed some people directly, even offering hulazombie A poster and an invitation to a fundraser. Due to the nature of some of his responses "having a bunch of netgeek photoshop hags dissing on me is like having a bunch of punk rockers hating on the ramones, very cool." and the fact his fucking name is fucking Terbolizard(!), the main windows of opportunity for macros, shops and otherwise meme-jumping is exported from wtf_inc to terbolizard_gpx and terbolizard is actually responding to them.

This meme, however, will either stretch out for months and months never ending into the horizon and then political science professors will be discussing the value of using viral campaigning via the internet to promote interest in candidates and we can all bask in the warm glow of having changed the world or (more likley) this meme will bubble away for a few days before we all completely forget about it and return to business as usual."
Tags: wtf_inc

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