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#5 Thirteen things I don't like about winter

Thirteen Things I don't like about winter.

1.I have cold hands all the time.
2.Showering. It feels nice at the time but way cold when I get out.
3.I hate clearing snow and ice off my car.
4.I hate trying to drive to work with frosted up windows.
5.I have a hard time getting to sleep even under a gazillion blankets.
6.When I first go outside, the inside of my nose hurts. No idea why, but it's unpleasant.
7.I don't enjoy walking as much.
8.People forget how to drive.
9.When it snows that's all they talk about on tv news.
10.I rarely see the sun.
11.It's really dark when I leave for work and it gets dark really early in the evening.
12.Shoes and socks. I'd prefer to be barefoot or in sandals. To make up for this I buy cute socks.
13.Single digit temperatures.

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