~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

spiders and dinner but not together

Last night I saw several good sized spiders. Now they have all gone missing. I think it's better to know where they are. Easier to avoid them. Hope we didn't eat them in our sleep! One of them was what we call an "intruder" spider. It was pretty big for one of those. It was in the bedroom hallway. I asked it to stay out of the bed before I went to sleep. I hope it listened.

Must be because it's so warm. They're all waking up. Yesterday on my way out of work I saw a honey bee on one of the windows.

Last night Steve got home (yay!) and I made mexican bean soup. It turned out well. I unpacked the Lush stuff that came back from Chicago. A Chirpy Christmas box, a Happy Christmas box, and Merry Christmas box, plus a few things that i requested. Some coalface, some Coolaulin, Gold Frankincense and Beer jelly (x2, b1g1!) and some Jasmin and Henna hair stuff that I want to try. Shannon didn't you try some? How did it go??

I got to bed at a decent time and actually fell asleep pretty quickly. It wasn't enough though.

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