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Thursday Thirteen #3 13 things I'd like to get done but haven't yet

Thirteen Things I would like to get done but haven't yet

  1. Finish the second half of the pajama pants I started a month or two ago.
  2. Make more hand warming rice bags with scraps of flannel.
  3. Make a mini trifle to use up the last of the cake.
  4. Tackle some new recipes.
  5. Get my car back.
  6. Use some of my new Lush. For that matter, use my old Lush too.
  7. Take down the Christmas decorations and put them away.
  8. Get reacquainted with Gunnar.
  9. Send a package to Lindsey.
  10. Send a birthday card to my half sister.
  11. Check my PO Box.
  12. Clean off the side cupboard in the kitchen.
  13. Take a nap. (still not happening today, alas.)

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