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Thursday Thirteen #2 (Thirteen things I gave and received for Christmas)

Thirteen Things I gave and received for Christmas

  1. Gave: Cardigans to my grandma
    Received: Hello Kitty pajamas
  2. Gave: invisible ink pen w/ black light to Mikale
    Received: set of candles
  3. Gave: oil warmer and oil to Mary
    Received: David LaChappelle photo book
  4. Gave: black thermal shirt to Tom
    Received: Hello Kitty waffle maker
  5. Gave: MP3 player to Steve
    Received: trifle bowls
  6. Gave: baby socks to Terri, or rather, the still cooking baby.
    Received: remote start for my car
  7. Gave: rum batter and rum to Barb
    Received: cute plushy penguin holding penguin socks
  8. Gave: Andre Rieu DVDs to my grandma
    Received: vegan cookbook
  9. Gave: mini microscope to Mikale
    Received: Lush gift sets (Chirpy Christmas & Snow Showers)
  10. Gave: Karma solid perfume to Mary
    Received: drink mixes (cocoa and chai)
  11. Gave: M&Ms to Tom
    Received: penguin flannel sheets
  12. Gave: light saber ornaments to Steve
    Received: Bath & Body Works gift card
  13. Gave: microwave to Mary (joint gift also from my grandma)
    Received: quilt and pillows that match the living room furnature made by Steve's mom (joint gift to Steve and me)

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