~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things crushedglass did this week!

  1. I walked canine Jack. More accurately, he walked me. He's strong!
  2. I picked up prints of my picture of my kitties in santa hats.
  3. I sent out Christmas cards. I'm hoping I didn't miss anyone.
  4. I went to Mikale's school walkabout where I watched/listened to his class sing a couple songs and...
  5. I found out that my nude model is the mom of one of Mikale's classmates. Weird! I didn't get the chance to talk to her though. Also at the walkabout I saw what I think was Jenny Ells looking like quite a lovely creature. Every bit as pretty as she was and then some.
  6. I made some cookies. Didn't finish though. They were for a coworker who is off from today on so I had to get them done early.
  7. I bought a phone jack adapter so I can use a cordless phone with Steve's Vonage line. At least to dial out. So that's helpful when I'm at the end of my billing month and way past the end of my minutes.
  8. I had a dream about what I believe was supposed to be Matt's girlfriend. I don't remember what actually happened in the dream now. It's clearly all still bugging me though.
  9. I went for a walk, not counting the walks around the block with canine Jack. Should be doing more walking. I need it. But when it's cold I have a harder time talking myself into it.
  10. I tried two new candy canes. One Chocolate (not so great but with a pleasant light saltiness that definitely helped) and one Spree (fruity-tart and yummy!), both bought at Target.
  11. I remembered to keep watering the Christmas tree that we brought home Sunday. This real tree thing is still new to me.
  12. I dragged my grandma's trash can out to the road and brought in a bag of kitty litter for her. I should do more of this. I also should buy her a bunch of kitty litter for Christmas. It doesn't sound like an exciting present but she can't lift the bags and I think she'd really appreciate it.
  13. I got my hair trimmed. I'm still not sure what I want to do with it. Maybe keep growing it out with layers or maybe cut it back tot he length I had it over the summer. I'll think on it over the next two months.

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