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stove, christmas sneaking up - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
stove, christmas sneaking up
I had soup for breakfast. Soup that I heated in a pan. On the new stove!! Wee! I took pictures of it (the stove, not the soup prep) but they're on the camera and I'm snuggling a Muffin and don't want to get up to get camera/cord.

Apparently the cord is not included. We had to take the cord from the old stove. I think that's dumb.

I don't know how it got to be Friday already. I need to sit down today and get to some Christmas listing. Things I'm giving to people. Things I'm giving that haven't arrived yet. Things I need to actually go out and get. Things I'm cooking/baking. Things I'm making in a more crafty sense. Things I need for the Christmas gathering.

I need to figure out what I'm going to wear to work today. While at work I need to talk myself into doing stuff for next week so I can get ahead for the week after that.

Muffin looks so comfy.

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