~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

dead stove, car door troubles

So after Thursday not going to badly, then came Friday! In the morning as I was trying to leave for work, I couldn't get my car door open. They were all frozen shut. I finally managed to get myself into the car and got it started and set to work trying to scrape it and stuff. Well then I couldn't get the driver side door to shut. Once in a while the latch will freeze in the wrong place and I have to push it back into place with a screwdriver. This time it didn't work. There was some sort of plasticky bit in the way and it just would. not. move.

I had to get a ride to and from work. What a pain in the ass. Work wasn't bad at all and it went really really quickly. When I got home I decided I was going to try out the self-clean feature on the oven. I had to find someone to ask how the timer worked but once I got that figured out, it seemed like a pretty easy task since the instructions are printed right on the stove. For the first 40 minutes of the 2 hour cycle everything seemed pretty fine. There was smoke, but it was like the smoke that came out during all the cooking on Thursday and it seemed like there would be plenty since there was some yucky stuff in there. Alas, things took a turn after that. I saw a spark around the left back burner and heard a couple loud pops and then black smoke started coming out. This freaked me out and I turned the oven off then, though I don't know if it was still on anyway. It wouldn't come on after that. Everything was just completely dead. But I didn't know that until Barb and Harry were there to help with my door. (Harry got that fixed, btw, but I need to get my bushings replaced on that door)

So yesterday Steve and I went out and looked at a new stove/oven. It was on sale and on backorder so it won't be in until December 19. Bleah. Kind of puts a damper on a lot of holiday baking unless I go use someone else's oven.

Also, the house smells yucky. Not as bad as it did right after it happened but you really notice it when you come in after being away. I've been using my oil warmer and candles and incense and it's only sort of helping. I know it will fade on its own but in the meantime - yuck!

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