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flist, salad, headache

So on my flist now, where there are embedded videos, they're not the videos that are supposed to be there. Which is really confusing. I'm not familiar enough with firefox to know what the deal is but it's annoying. It's like it rearranges the videos on the page.

Stupid McDonald's doesn't have the southwest chicken salad any more. It was actually pretty good.

My head hurts today. But I have so many different potential causes that I don't know why. Last night I have chinese food, and a mini margarita, and I went to bed late and got up late and was late getting coffee and food.

Today I should finish the pajama pants that I started last week. I washed and dried all my fabric last night so I just need to get to work. Don't wanna though. Tonight I'm going to a housewarming party where I will not know anyone. I do not look forward to this.
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