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weekend, naked pictures

Ok so I have about 5 minutes I can spare for writing an entry. I will try to cram as much in as possible. Ok actually before I cram, I need to check and see what I haven't written about. Probably about almost every day.

Friday: Uh... nothing? What did I do on Friday. I drank tea. I went to bed early. I caught up on some LJ reading. I think that's about it. Internet, tea, early bedtime.

Saturday: Family party. I cleaned, wasted time online, made a yummy cake (chocolate filled with chocolate cheesecake and covered with dreamwhip), made broccoli cheese soup. For the dinner we had crackers, cheese, veggies, dip, the soup in bread bowls and the cake. We also had margarita fixins. It was for mary and g-ma's birthday, which was Wednesday. It was Mary, Mikale, g-ma, my uncle John, Harry, Steve and me. The food was liked by all. Mary and I looked at the pictures she ordered and figured out why she was displeased with them. Largely it was the color difference, which, while slight, bothers her. She wants more yellow in. Also, she thinks she maybe doesn't like the paper texture on those particular pictures.

Later, after everyone had gone, I had a little mini margarita. It made my tummy hurt. Stupid margarita.

Sunday: I went to JoAnn's and bought some stuffing. Thought about fabrics for a black backdrop but decided again to wait. Also bought about half as much fabric as I needed for some pajama pants but didn't realize it at the time. Grr. Bought thread and elastic at the same time. So now I have half of a pair of pants done. Spent a chunk of the afternoon making a kitty bed out of a sweater that I don't wear any more (the kitties *really* dig this. they immediately got to work purring and kneading it) and then started the pants. Had to kick the kitties out after a while and put them in the tv room with Steve. They were "helping". Only not really.

I didn't develop any film until yesterday. I finally did the roll of 120 film that was in my developing tank. Then I found out there is no lint/fuzz/hair free zone in this house. So I ended up taking it in water to school and drying it there. It worked out fine though. Linda told me I can use a zipping garment bag to dry in. Will have to check that out. Also yesterday developed first naked roll. I'm pretty excited about it. I have a lot of stuff on there that I like. I look forward to printing. Whenever I get the chance. In theory, I should have done it last wednesday with the class but I didn't. Then I could have spent all of last class making pictures. But I couldn't. Alas. Now we're moving on Wednesday and I won't be able to unless I get at least a couple prints made. Maybe I'll be able to get there sometime before class.

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