~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Happy almost Halloween! (also, eat candy corn)

I've been way slacking in my LJing. Forgive me!

I'm cold. Not sure what I want to have for breakfast. But it's a decision I don't need to really make for about 10-15 more minutes. Maybe by then I'll know.

Yesterday I faked my way through class. Sort of anyway. I made things work that really shouldn't have but she seemed willing to accept it so good. Otherwise, it was long and that was about it. We put up 2 toned prints each and critiqued. Long, long, long. Next week we'll start our next project. Nude models. That should be interesting. I look forward to it. My only other attempt with that went well (right up until that whole battle about whose pictures they were.)

All morning I've been filled with thoughts that don't feel like mine. I don't even know how to explain that sentence. Had all sorts of dreams too. Don't remember them just that there were lots.

Today I'm wearing black socks with sparkly silver ghosts on them. They're cute!

The babies aren't snuggly this morning. Surprising. It's cold!

I found a few people on facebook that I haven't talked to in years. Still haven't but now I've found them. Sasha has one of my pictures as her main myspace pic. Wee! That excited me.

Right now it is supposed to be 40 degrees (f) but it does not feel like it to me. Not from in here anyway. Also, today is National Candy Corn Day so get to celebrating!

I have a lot of film that needs to be developed but it's the part of the process that I like the least. This is why it is not done.

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