~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

no class, capped babies

My grandma called me at work today to tell me that my class was canceled. Someone called from the college. Glad of that. I would have been annoyed to go all the way there and then find out.

I stayed late at work working on new stuff I'm learning. No fun.

Today I capped the scratchy babies. We still had some of the little kitten sized ones. I had enough to to 4 and 4 on muffin's paws and all 5 and 5 on biscuit's. So muffin's "thumb" claws are bare. But the important claws are covered. I felt bad for biscuit. Right after I did them I stood next to the counter, kind of to lure him over. Lately when I stand there he comes up behind me all in stealth mode and makes a leap, lands on my butt, attached by his claws and then climbs up to my shoulder and sits there purring and licking my hair. This hurts a lot. So after I put the caps on I stood by the counter and he came up behind me and he tried to jump up and attach himself but couldn't. So he went splat to the floor with a thump.

They work. But poor Biscuit!

Tags: critter tales

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