~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Today is... +portfolio, business consultant meeting

Do something nice day! This should be one I can handle.

Yesterday I bought a 9x12 portfolio to show my larger prints. I got a smaller photo album to move some photos to so I can steal the album they're in. I like the current better than the new for showing. I also put some pictures of Mikale into small albums for easier, safer viewing. Mary and I are supposed to be doing that today.

I have no idea what I want to wear today. My summer clothes are in the one closet and my exerything else is in the closet in the flea-y tv room so I've been avoiding getting them so I can keep them uncontaminated. Unfortunately this limits my wardrobe choices.

My meeting with the business consultant lady on Wednesday went well. She helped reassure me that I'm on the right track and have been getting done the things I need to. She also helped me to stop stressing on the invoice thing. I guess it's acceptable for me to just include my payment policies right there in a few sentences on the invoice. This is good.

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