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Today is... +fleas, bpal, wedding - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
Today is... +fleas, bpal, wedding
Virus Appreciation Day. I hope to appreciate them some way other than getting one.

I have a happy, purring little Biscuit on my lap. Muffin is on the table in front of me off to my left side a bit. They're starting to get itchy again. Frontline day is the 11th. I'm glad it's coming soon. We need a better vacuum cleaner. Part of the de-flea-ing process involves a lot of vacuuming. Ours isn't much good for it. The spray didn't seem to help enough on its own. I'm going to use it again this weekend though I think.

I'm pleased. My bpal order came yesterday and all of the bottles seem promising. I have no idea what some of the imps are. Some I know I've had before though. Then I left the box at Mike's yesterday. I told him to take it to work today and leave it in my desk. So hopefully, if he remembered, it's there now.

I have a wedding to go to this weekend. Steve's brother and sister in law's best friend and sister, respectively. I don't know what to wear. I might go looking to find something new and cute at one store that I like. If I have no luck, I'll wing it I guess. I think it's supposed to be nice. That will help.

I am wearing my rapcat tshirt right now! I haven't gotten dressed for work yet. Sadly, rapcat and pajama pants are not work friendly attire.
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