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Today is... plus other stuff

Today is Name Your Car Day. I don't believe I'll want to be taking part in this one. I don't want my car to have a name! And since it's a day that happens every year, if I named my car, would I rename it next year? That might not be too bad. If I didn't take to a name I could always feel better knowing that it would be temporary. But then, on the other side of *that* coin... what if I absolutely *loved* a name? Would I just plan to rename the car the same name the next year?

Wouldn't it be interestring if we renamed ourselves each year? Would you pick something new each time? Or would you stick with one thing you liked? Discuss!

Last night class was not too exciting. It was long. And I was tired. We looked at examples of toning and I believe we'll be spending next class doing that. She also wants us to shoot a roll of Holga film. I already have a Holga and plenty of film to go in it so that's good. But I didn't care much for my results last year. Hopefully it will go well this time. I think perhaps the weather will be better. That was part of the problem last time. Lots of very gray days. There is little to no control on the settings of the camera so bright sunshiny days are best for it. Right now I have a roll of 35mm film in my Holga and I should see about getting it out and winding it back into it's little canister. That way I can be ready to start the roll of regular 120 film if something good comes my way. I think I want to do more with the 35mm too though. We'll see how the weather is.

My head is a little hurty this morning.

p.s. Found this while browsing flickr photos. This guy has some rockin hair.

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