~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

so I was friends with this mouse... [dream]

What a strange dream I had! In it, I don't know where I was now, but in the dream it was all familiar. I had, I think, rescued this mouse from one of the babies (?) I'm pretty sure there was some rescuing but I'm a little fuzzy on which cat now. All I know is that afterward, the mouse and I became friends. Like actual friends. And there was a lot of stuff in this place I was and the mouse had many places to go. Like it's own little mouse mansion or mouse city inside this house. But it seemed normal to me in the dream.

The mouse and I talked to each other and were like best friends. And Steve was angry about my friendship with the mouse. I wish I could remember his name now. I knew it in the dream. Oliver maybe? I was trying to find him some cheese and almost everything in the fridge was moldy. I eventually found some Gruyere (I'm not even sure how to spell that offhand but I bet it was spelled right on the pakage in my dream!) but then I started arguing sort of with Steve and I dropped it and it got all dirty. I was going to clean it off but first I went out on this verandah where there were people and I think some of them (maybe all) were my family. And Steve and I started to fight about the mouse. He said something and then said something about me getting into stuff with my relatives. However he said it, he was being angry and it sounded like he was implying I had been involved with my cousins. I told him he made that sound all yucky and that I didn't appreciate it. I think I also pointedly said to whoever else was in the conversation that 'Steve doesn't understand that I need someone to talk to me!' Something along those lines.

I went back in the house, washed off the cheese, and then climbed around on this thing for a while trying to find the best place to put the cheese for my mouse friend. I set it next to a hole where I could look inside and see mouse house and mouse furniture. It looked like I always imagined The Borrowers house would look. Then the mouse came out and started eating the cheese and we started talking again.

And though I can't at all remember how or where, I think Elspeth was involved in this dream.
Tags: dream

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