~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

cake and picture talk and the evil aspartame

I have brought cake with me to work today. Just what I need. I went for a long walk last night. That will help. But I feel plump. I like food. :(

Denise wants me to take pictures for her and her girls. I need to call her today. She called me and left a voicemail the night before last. I had already gone to bed and I didn't have minutes until today. So I'm trying to think about what I can do for "fall" pictures. I'm sure she'll have some ideas and hopefully those will spark something with me too.

Also, Mary wants me to do some too. She will likely not have ideas but Mikale is such an easy subject for me that I don't need to pre-think it so much.

I need to read the book I have on contracts/forms for photographers. I'll need to make people use them if only so I can get used to using them myself before I I have to use them with strangers. I have it with me. Maybe I'll get to page through it today.

On another note, does anyone still consume the evil aspartame? I still have drink mix packets that I would be happy to send to someone who would use them.

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