~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

not all alcoholics are handymen. make a note of it.

I got myself ready for class and was driving down the road when I realized that I had left almost a full hour before I need to. So here I am back at my computer and now I have time to talk about the lady I talked to this morning.

Ok so there was a wire story, a comment piece, that this woman read. For reference I'll include it here [link]. I had to go look it up to even understand what she was going on about. Apparently the thing she took issue with was the little descriptive bit about the alcoholic handyman with his toolbox. She was very disappointed either with the story or with the lady who wrote it and said that *She* was an alcoholic and that they are not all handymen with tool boxes.

Um. What?

An amusing way to start the day.
Tags: link, news

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