~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Writer's Block: Back To School

I'm not sure I ever had one single favorite teacher. So many of them had a lot going for them. It was far less often that I'd dislike one. And actually, offhand, I can only think of one I didn't like and it was because he was mean. I have had some fabulous, smart and amusing teachers. I think those I've liked the most have been the ones who told good stories. In high school the theater teacher told us plays. I loved that. At Central my sign teacher (who now that I think about it may have been my favorite ever) was so funny she made me get hiccups laughing so hard sometimes. If I could have just never run out of classes to take with Darcy that would have been fine with me. Even Linda who I have now (for the 4th time) is entertaining, a little crazy and a lot amusing. Giving me knowledge is a given, my favorites entertain me too!

Now it's bedtime. Apologies for any and all mistakes in grammar and spelling and such. I'm so sleeeepy!

Who was your favorite teacher in school? Why were they your favorite?
Tags: writer's block

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