~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

they're growing up so fast!

So the babies have pretty much joined the rest of the household. They eat separately though 'cause the other cats are pigs. For the longest time this was in the TV room, which became the kitten nursery for the last 8 weeks. Up until last weekend they had their own mini litter box in there with them and I'd shut them in the room overnight and to eat. Last weekend the box went, since they were using the big boxes and one of the big cats was using the tiny box (ew) and so I have been supervising their eating since I haven't been shutting them in. Steve told me he fed them in the pink bathroom last night. Really this makes sense. It's where we used to feed Mister Baby Cat when he was tiny and the floor isn't carpet and there's a litter box.

So this morning I got out a tiny can of kitty food and I called Muffin! Biscuit! Breakfast! and they came running over and first ran for the tv room, thinking we were going there. We got it all sorted out though. The big cats pay more attention when it's the bathroom. It's weird. Jack and Pumpkin ignored the feeding times the whole time I was using the TV room. Now all of a sudden I have three big cats to kick out of the bathroom.
Tags: critter tales

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