~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

and on to the things to do...

I need to buy another roll of infared film today. On Sunday Steve was helping me with the self-portrait part of my assignment (yes it is still a self-portrait if you have someone help you make sure its in focus and push the button. It's the set-up, ideas and composition that count) and he got a little trigger happy and shot like 8 in a row. Which is pretty substantial in a roll of $15 film. Alas. It also meant that I couldn't do any more work on my assignment Sunday or yesterday. I may have gotten some interesting things though. I had Mary in the garden in a bikini, sunning in all the overgrown vegetable plants. Then I had a couple of Barb Watering her with a watering can. The one (x8) of me was me messily and smushily eating a fresh tomato. I hope something out of there turns out. The other day I got my grandma in the garden; a couple nice standard portrait types and a couple with her poking her pitch fork at me in a threatening way.

So today I need to finish my assignment. I have to take more of me and I need to do some that will focus on motion.

I am also going to have the photo place do a couple enlargement prints of some photos I've printed at smaller sizes in the past. I don't expect them to turn out very well but I want to get an idea of what the quality will really be.

Then somewhere in there I need to fit some laundry.

No on to sort a bunch of mail.

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