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So last night I was working on stuff and my hands started to go numb-ish and then I saw flashes of aura just at the sides of my vision.

My head problems have been so strange. Even if this is migraine it's not the right time for migraine for me. It makes no sense. But this morning I woke up with the aura spots and now my head hurts. I've already had 1.5 imitrex tablets this month though so I don't want to waste my last half-pill unless I really need it. So I took two excedrin migraine tablets. My head still hurts right now though.

One thing that has changed lately - and I think it's the only thing I've done differently in months - is my sudden and large intake of those crystal light add to your water bottle packets of drink mix. They all contain aspartame. So I googled it.


This would make me kind of sad. Most of them it wouldn't trouble me to give up at all. But the one I really like! It's like gatorade only with very few calories. I suppose if I thought it really was doing bad things to me I would have to stop drinking it and go back to straight water. That's better anyway.

Anyone else know anything about this? Have any personal experience with it?
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