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I've been waking up sniffly and with an itchy throat. I think that's because the bedroom gets so cold at night. See, Steve seems to run at a much warmer temperature than I do so he's all happy at the point where I'm pulling on a sheet, blanket and comforter. And since it's not cold when we start the night, I have the fan on (actually it's the fan in the window that brings in the cold air) and so then by the time I get up it's been blowing cold air on me. My sinuses apparently don't like it.

I showed the babies to Pat the tenant yesterday (she's the one who owns Stumpy the hunter). She seemed to like them. Ok who wouldn't really. I mean kittens are one of those almost universally recognized symbols of cute, right? Anyway. She pet their little heads and cooed at them about how big they've gotten and I soaked it up like the proud mama that I am. I gave them a bath yesterday with the original blue Dawn dish soap. So they have fewer fleas. In a big way. They had tons of dead fleas dropping off yesterday. And then they were all fluffy and silky and clean. I've fed them some oil packed tuna for breakfast though so I think the silky clean thing was probably just a one afternoon deal. At least until their next bath. I will put that off until the fleas start to get bad again. I don't want to wash them too much. They hate it and it really freaks them out. I felt so bad. But they were so icky and covered with them.

Now it is time for work. But it will be a shorter day. I leave earlier on Fridays. And I got my Neighbors pages finished yesterday. This is good and makes for a less stressful day. Wee!

Oh and also before I forget to write about it: Last night I found pieces of what looked to be a larger than I want to sleep with spider. Right in the spot I would have been occupying the night before. Which means... I crushed it in my sleep?? From the looks of the one leg there was there it was big. And it kind of freaked me out. *shudder*
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