~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

yesterday and today (people version)

While at evil walmart yesterday I bought food. More super-fiber tortillas, some natural peanut butter with flax fortification, some sweetened-with-fruit-juice strawberry jam, some bananas, some hummus, hearts of romaine, cucumber, vine ripened tomatoes, super thinly sliced bbq chicken and super thinly sliced peppered turkey. And an eclair baby pie.

Yay for (mostly) good for me food!

Hung out with Mike on one of his rare off Saturdays. Had Chinese food for dinner. Cleaned much of the kitchen. Visited the mini kitties.

I'm hot. I need to go wash my face. I feel greasy.

Today I should wash clothes. Lots of clothes. I should also work on more cleaning.
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