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an update in a different direction - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
an update in a different direction
I feel like all I did was sleep yesterday. I'm still a little tired today but much better than I would be if I hadn't napped.

I feel fat. Some of this is just where I am in my cycle but it has also been my recent habits. I haven't had any time for anything resembling exercise and my eating habits have been a little less than awesome. Not bad, just not good. Last I checked I've remained steady with the weight I've lost but it won't stay that way if I don't start paying attention and moving around some. It's just usually when I have a free hour or two I want to sleep or check my e-mail or shower. Things that I haven't done as much of. And I definitely havent had the ambition to transform the tv room from mini kitty space to workout space and back again. Maybe I'll just have to ease back into walking. It's a time thing for the moment. I know things will return to normal. Just what's on my mind right now.

My class starts in a few weeks. Then it's back into photo mode. Maybe before then I'll rest up a bit. I've been too tired to be creative.
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