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sore butts suck! (plus more vet stuff)

So the mini kitties are both still sore and swollen, though better I think. And the leaking seems to have mostly stopped. Unfortunately, the soreness makes it difficult to stimulate them without pain and so they haven't pooped since the vet appointment Thursday, unless you count the leaking.

I talked to the vet yesterday and found out that after I left they got out their clean up kit for the mercury so I feel better about that.

I also got a call back from the doctor (he was out when I first called) and he said he doesn't think that the big one's soreness/swelling/leaky-ness was caused by the temp-taking. He said he thinks that's the diarrhea. Except he's on crack. Except they were both *fine* before I took them in. His poop was a little runny but only when he was stimulated to go. And he was a little tender when he'd strain but there was no swelling and no redness. Until after they went to the vet and after he put in the thermometer. And there's no question that the little one's troubles are the result of the anal trauma.

But anyway, so he said that within about 48-72 hours things should be back to normal with them. Which means that if it's not, I'll call Monday and see what he thinks. And if I have to take them back I don't believe I should have to pay. It's his fault they're hurting, he better fix it if it needs fixing.

So they're being gently washed - as gently as possible anyway - and I apply neosporin afterward. I don't know if it's helping. They do seem a *little* better. But not as much as I'd like. And not enough that I feel very good trying to get them to poop when it hurts them for me to rub their bottoms.

Also, they do not like the kaopectolin that he gave me for them. They drool most of it out so I don't know if they've really gotten any of it anyway.

The little one has had a weird tummy since day one. Rounded out more on one side than the other. I'd almost say bulgy. The doctor, when feeling around on her (or him? still not definite on that one) said it didn't feel like a hernia and said something about the muscle wall being thin. But it worries me, has since the beginning. It feels weirder now to me than it did before the vet appointment. So I don't know if she's getting all the formula she wants/needs because after a certain point it starts to freak me out and I stop her. I don't know what's causing the bulgy tummy so I can't relax about it.

Having kittens is hard.
Tags: critter tales

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