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sleeping, mini kitties, chompy Baby Cat

So the new longer overnight schedule isn't going badly so far. But I wake up semi-panicky around 2 am and pretty much have to fully wake myself up to tell myself that everything is fine, I'm not supposed to be doing anything but sleeping at that point. Last night that took a little longer. I must have been half dreaming and I had to open my phone for light to tell myself that no, really, that's just cow loaf and I should go back to sleep. It should get easier after I do it a while. It's a little hard to un-do two weeks of habit.

I'm itchy.

The mini kitties are back to needing to poop. And I'm not sure how much they should be eating. I don't know if they should be eating more. They get sleepy by about 8 ml and they were eating more before. But the pausing after every 2 ml for tummy rubs and burping seems to be helping. The big one particularly needs it. Otherwise he sucks it down so quickly and then is so uncomfortable.

Yesterday The Baby Cat came in and lay down next to me watching what was going on when I was feeding the babies. He was even purring a little. The little one toddled over to him, sniffed his foot, sneezed and then toddled away and he didn't do anything. Sniffed her a little. Then later he was in front of me and I had the big one on my leg, trying to get him to burp and The Baby Cat sniffed the big one's head and then bit him! I yelled at him and swatted him. The little kitty was so scared. He just tucked himself up and closed his eyes and got all quiet and still. I felt so bad for him!

On a personal level, The Baby Cat and I made up later. But he is banned from any mini kitty contact and is no longer welcome in the room when they're out to be fed.
Tags: critter tales

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