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morning stuff

Steve left the door open all night. This made me grumbly. It makes me grumbly every time. It makes me grumbly that it happens enough for there to be an every time. *sigh*

So last night was the second night of the mini kitties having no middle of the night feeding. The 2:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. replaced with one 5 a.m.

In theory anyway.

This morning my kitty notes are something like this:

5:00 a.m. -
little: pee, no poop; 8 or 9 ml (formula)
big: pee, poop smears; 9 or 10 ml

6:30 -
big crying and crying; pee, very small poop; 4 ml (formula)

6:35 -
big crying and crying; tummy rubs, more peeing, more tummy rubbing

6:45- 6:50 -
big still not settling down; 1 more ml; more tummy rubs, more peeing, more tummy rubs, more tummy rubs, possible tiny burps but so tiny I couldn't tell. big purring a little; me leaving late for work.

Maybe he was gassy? I had to go to work and didn't know if he cried any more. So I called Steve about 7:15 and he said they were quiet. So maybe he needed the tummy rubs. I'll work on more tummy rubbing when I check on them at 10:30. His poo has been a little runny, though it has been in pretty tiny amounts so it's hard to tell what it's doing. I haven't been able to find anything online about brown runny poo though. All sorts of other colors (which should cause varying degrees of alarm) but not what I was looking for. I suppose I should be glad that it's not one of the alarming colors. It still worries me though.
Tags: critter tales

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