~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

bigger bit of a scare today

So this morning I got back for the 10:30 feeding and both mini kitties were fed and I had the bigger one in the bathroom trying to get it to poop. Then I heard the sound of the box hitting the floor. I hurried out holding the bigger one, saw the box, the 1 liter bottle of water I keep in the box for warmth and the little one on the floor all in different places; and The Baby Cat sitting on the table looking down at it all. The kitten wasn't making any noise and wasn't moving and I was seriously scared. So I stupidly set the bigger one on the table while I picked up the smaller one and started massaging it and looking it over and trying to see if it was alright. Then of course while I was doing that the bigger one crawled to the edge of the table and fell to the floor. It let out a shriek as it hit and then nothing. No mewing no moving. So then I was really freaking and I scooped them both up and went in to the much softer TV room and just started massaging the both of them lightly and moving them around seeing if they were ok, making sure they were both still breathing. I sat with them petting and massaging them for a few minutes but I really had to get back to work. When I left them they were both seeming not quite like they should have been but both moving around a little more trying to suck on my hand.

I spent the rest of my shift worrying that they weren't ok and googling things and finding nothing. Which didn't make me feel any better. So on top of them both hitting the floor today they still haven't pooped. When I got out of work I rushed home and went straight in to look at them. I took the towel off the top of the box and they woke up and started yelling for food. This made me feel much, much better. So I got stuff ready and fed them in there with me and them on the floor. No more kitchen table. No more big cats allowed near them at all for a while.

After the feeding I went to my vet and got some more syringes and then went to petsmart and picked up a couple more cans of formula. The girl at the vet's office also gave me a pamphlet with orphan kitty care tips. There is a recipe for making your own formula for them. I might try that. I found a few other similar recipes on a website too. I'll give it some thought. For now, the KMR seems to be working out. The girl told me that I need to worry if their bellies get hard and/or they seem like they're experiencing discomfort. But so far they haven't been. They just haven't been pooping.
Tags: critter tales

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