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so sleepy. plus go read sgfaboo

Yesterday I slept for a couple hours in the afternoon. It sort of helped. I think. Actually, while I am still very, very tired, I think it would be worse without yesterday's nap. Mini kitties are on a pretty strict schedule but it seems to be working for them. I was getting a little concerned about little mini kitty because s/he had only pooped once since I've had them. My friend google helped me conclude that maybe s/he is just a little constipated and that I should add a little extra water to the formula and add a little extra tummy massage to the care routine. Last night litle mini kitty pooped a bunch after that. Well, I say a bunch but they're such tiny little things that what seems like a bunch isn't really all that much. But it made me worry less. Big mini kitty had been pooping pretty regularly which is what made me realize that something might not be right with the little one.

It seems funny to me as I write this to call them little mini kitty and big mini kitty when they're both so small. But one *is* bigger than the other. The bigger one is much more vocal and wigs out more when it's time to eat. I'll feed the little one and the bigger one will sit in thebox and mew mew mew mew (read: I'm starving!!!) until it's his/her turn. The spend the rest of the time sleeping in their little nest. I went to evil Wal Mart yesterday and bought more baby washcloths and soft towels for them. It will be about time for feeding again soon. I'll finish my coffee and start getting things ready.

Go read sgfaboo's journal update.
/end pimp
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