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I have babies. And nausea.

Yesterday after we had dinner Mike and I walked down to the park and were sitting on the picnic table. He usually tells me about when he keeps the dog from chomping something and told me he had two more "for the bank". He mentioned that they were unusual additions (typically it's bunnies or squirrels) and that he had kept her form chomping kittens. Little kittens. He told me that they had been at SVSU and at this one part where there's construction and there were two kittens in a dangerous type spot. So he put them under a tree figuring the mama would come back for them. So at this point I'm thinking they're toddler size and followed the mama and lost her for a bit. But I was still worried cause it was an unusual place for them to be so we went looking for them. We found them, just where he had left them. But they weren't toddler sized. They're itty bitty - few days old - cords haven't dropped off their tummies yet newborns. And they were so encrusted in fly eggs that I didn't know how I was going to get them all off. I had never seen so many on anything. They were covered thickly from neck to tail. None had hatched yet so I'm thinking the flies were laying them, waiting for them to die and then their offspring would have had a good meal. I put a stop to that plan quickly enough. We got them back to Mike's and I spent a looong time washing them, with B&BW cucumber melon hand soap - the only thing I had handy, until they were completely egg free. Then Mike used his hair dryer - super gentle, quiet, low heat - to dry and warm them.

I took them to my grandma's and started feeding them there but she wasn't going to be able to keep them because she had a doctor's appointment this morning and had to go to bed and then would be gone and they needed to be fed every few hours. So I took them back with me and was up throughout the night with them. Eventually I got a water bottle filled with hot tap water and wrapped in a fuzzy sock to keep them warm in their box. They slept for longer at a time then. So I got back a little before 12, took a shower, got to bed at 12 in the bedroom with them by my head in the box, no bottle yet. They woke up at 1ish and 2ish. This is when I figured they weren't warm enough and switched to the tv room with them and nested them with the water bottle and warm from the dryer towels. Then they were up again at 4ish and then I got up at 5:15. They slept until I woke them up at about 6:30 before I had to leave for work. I brought them to work with me but left them in the car, figuring I'd leave after a couple hours. I didn't feel very well today anyway (still don't actually) and so it worked out. Officially, I went home sick.

While I was at work for those couple hours, after I finished my morning deadline stuff, I made a ton of phone calls trying to track down a nursing mother to foster them. Every call I made seemed to lead to other calls. I left a lot of messages, got a few call backs and pretty much nothing. Until I called Bay Valley Animal Hospital. They said they had a mama with 6 week old kittens they were just about ready to leave her. They said they couldn't guarantee she would take them but that I could try. I took them there and they put them in the cage with her. She didn't growl or hiss but she ignored them. They said I could call about 4 or 5 to see how it was going.

After that I met Mike at SVSU where he was walking the dog. I gave him the update and let him reassure me that they were good peeps there (it's the vet where he takes Patch). I hadn't eaten yet at that point so I met him at his house and he made me lunch. I had a slight headache. I took a nap and woke up a couple hours later with the headache really really worse. It sucked. I took two Excedrin. Half an hour later, it wasn't really better. So I figured maybe migraine and took half of an Imitrex. I called the vet, found out that the mama cat still was ignoring them (they had been feeding the babies though so they were fine, just weren't going to find the new mama as I had hoped) so I was going to pick them up. I wanted to see if the Imitrex would help so I decided to lay down for a half hour or so. By the time I got to the vet's office my headache was mostly gone. I've felt nauseated today though so I think that might be something separate. I've felt like that all day. I feel rather icky now too.

So I went and got the babies and the bigger one mewed all the way home. I knew they weren't hungry though because they fed them right before I took them so I got them all warm and nested in a new box with a new warm bottle of water and they have been sleeping since then. I figure if they haven't woken up by about 10:30 I'll wake then up, get them fed and re-nested and then get some sleep until about 2:30 when I'll get up, repeat the process, and go back to sleep till I have to get up for work. I'm going to have to leave them for about 6.5 hours while I go to work but I figure and hope they'll be ok. I'll rush straight home and feed them then. I will try to work out a better schedule after tomorrow. It will probably require help for one of the feedings but I'll try to get that worked out.
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