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Drinks and dessert and going home

Last night we did eventually go to Hamburger Mary's. I remembered to take pictures of the twinkies this time. I do not drink enough. I went from feeling all Woo! with my Electric Lemonade that I had at the Pier to feeling normal/sleepy to back to Woo! after sucking down a margarita. Woo! Ah well.

We're going back home today. I do not look forward to getting up for work tomorrow. 5:30 just seems like such a wrong time for anyone to be forced to get up! Right now though it is just after 9 and I am having my coffee. Then I'll get my stuff packed up and we can seek breakfast.

I wish I would have found something cool for Mikale while here. I'm bringing him some bubble bath and will share some chocolate with him but it's not the same! Last year I found very cool stuff for him. Alas.

I need to take/make a new default userpic. I am tiring of the "Help crippled children" one for the moment. Maybe I should just make my way through all of them that I have. I'll just go down, or up, the list. It won't make sense sometimes. That's ok though! There. Problem solved for at least a hundred entries. But wait! I will use my coffee cup icon this time. I made that one when I was here a couple years ago and this morning I am drinking my coffee from that very cup! It's fitting.
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