~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

the meetup (yesterday's)

remorra picked us up and we went for yummy pizza. We got to meet her girlie and her puppy, the fabulous and adorable Judy. We went to this place that had assorted drinks and baked goods. They weren't bad but not worth a special trip there in the future. We say outside and talked and I tried to lure birds over so I could take pictures of them. That was a success. I used my not so fabulous baked goods. I came very close to getting one to eat out of my hand. It was just a little too scared though. But I could tell he (or maybe it was a she) wanted to. It was awesome to see remorra again and I look forward to seeing her today. Right now I need to finish getting ready or I will make us late.
Tags: chicago

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