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more Chicago stuff

Ok so... where did I leave off...

Ok so yesterday (Wednesday) we hung out most of the day and headed over to Navy Pier. We walked around and looked at stained glass. I love stained glass. They have some very prettry things there. We had ice cream and yucky lemonade. That disappointed me. They usually have real lemonade that tastes like it was made with fresh lemons. Just like the sign says. Yesterday it was made with bottled lemon juice. Bleah. Totally not the same.

We rode the Ferris Wheel and walked around. We waited forever at Chango Loco for dinner but it was worth it because we timed it perfectly and got to see the fireworks from our table. We were pretty high up and it was lovely.

We walked forever to get back to the train. We got seats pretty quickly so that was lucky. There also was a baby to entertain us. She was so cute.

Today we went to the Lush on Armitage. I like that one better. I was able to get my fresh masks and the moisturizer I got a sample of the other day. I decided it was going to work for me. Then we went to Ethel's and bought chocolate to bring home for people. I detailed that a little more in my spending post. If you want in on that filter I can add you. Let me know.
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