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Work notes: Millet, big GRR about Carol

ok so anyway... I was in the same classroom that I've been in several times... nice enough kids. SMI.
and they had swimming today and so I took two of the kids down (cause the other two that would be going were both menstruating (glad I wasnt on bathroom duty for them today)) and Carol (the swimming lady who I may or may not have mentioned before... if I did I said that I dont think she likes me and that she acts like she thinks I'm an idiot) told me it was fine for me to just leave them there as long as I was back when I was supposed to be... so I came back when she said and they weren't quite ready and she started talking to me and she asked me if I had just graduated (why, I dont know) and I said yeah and she asked if I had any job prospects and I told her no and that I wasn't planning on teaching as I hadn't gone for teaching. she asked what I *had* gone for and she gave me that look that people tend ot often give me when I tell them I got my degree in french. and she asked me what I was planning on doing with that. and I explained to her that it wasn't my intention to do anything with it I only ended up with french because I ran out of time to decide and I had to pick *something* or quit going since I had run out of general classes to take. and since I was already taking french classes to learn it french it ended up being. (insert second or third "you are an idiot" look from Carol here) and she asked me something about hadn't I ever talked to a counselor about any of this and I said no that I actually hadn't seen one at all...a nd she said not even in high school. and I told her that I had talked one then a little at least cause thats how I ended up at central... I had forgotten to do any college things and so she had brought me in and sat me down and made me fill out a central application. and since its the only app. I filled out. Central it was. (insert many more of those looks throughout)
and then she goes and gets snotty. and asked me, when I go shopping do I have friends pick out my stuff for me or do I actually make decisions on my own.

big grrr to that.
I thought it was kinda bitchy.
it has nothing to do with my decision making. I just havent found the path thats for me yet. is that a crime? I mean seriously. I dont think there's any reason why I had to figure it out yet. and I didnt know before college, as is the case for some lucky enough people. but I was just following the path I had been taught was the one to follow. you finish high school and then you go to college. what else was I supposed to do? it was just the thing I had always thought I was supposed to do. and its not like me having a degree in something useless is a useless thing.

so anyway. grr

I told her that no, it had nothing to do with decisions. I'm fully capable of making them. I just don't know what exactly I want to be doing yet, that I'm very creative and I plan on taking more classes to explore some more of my interests.

and she asked me what my parents do and then kind of sniffed when I answered.

and I just wondered. what the hell?
no one ever told her to talk to me. and its not like shes ever acted any differently about me. Ive told you (this was in an email to Steve) before that she seems like she doesnt like me and always acts like she thinks I'm incredibly stupid.
so why talk to me?

ok end of rant.

other than that my day was good... quiet, easy, andf I got to watch most of an Olsen twins movie (!)
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