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Right now I am having my coffee in the sun room at the new table next to an open window. It's very much like being able to sit outside and have my coffee. I am pleased! I hear tons of chirpy birds!

It is earlier than usual for me to be up and ready. There are a couple reasons for this.

1. I woke up before my alarm. It doesn't happen every morning but sometimes it does.

2. There is a big freaky spider in the bathroom. It's not huge (nothing like the beast in my icon) but not small either. It's black, kind of quick, though not one of those smaller super super speedy ones. It is the same kind that was in the bath tub a while back. Anyway, I didn't want to hang out with it and so I did as abbreviated morning routine as possible. I was even going to take a quick shower. Then I saw it and changed my mind.

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