~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

I hate the post office

So I listed a discontinued Lush Honey Bee Have dusting posder on ebay. It
found a new home and the transaction was completed. I boxed it up and took
it to the post office to be mailed out. I sent three packages that day.
Three days later, the other two had been received.
I called the Post office main 800 number and had little success talking to a
live person. When I finally got through their menu I ended up at a recording
saying that the computers were down and to call back later. Then it hung up
on me. Got a real person the next time I tried the next day or the day
after. That person told me I couldn't do anything ntil 14 business days had
passed and to call on June 1st. So I waited. I called June 4th and talked to
someone who said his computer was down and that he would transfer me to
someone else. So I ended up back at the beginning of the menu again. made my
way through it again and ended up with a girl who i think was also having
computer problems but took my information and told me that somoene from the
post office would contact me by the end of the next day (that would be the
5th). Today I got the call. Only 7 days late. Grr. Dude there told me that
there wasn't really much to be done and to call the unclaimed packages
department at the main Saginaw post office (which was where I mailed the
package out from in the first place). If I had no success there I could try
calling the 800 number again and inquiring aboutthe dead letter branch.
I called the unclaimed package number and that guy pretty abruptly told me
they had no packages. When I finally satisfied myself that he did know what
I was asking about and didn't have anything for me I called the 800 number
again. Then I found out that the dead letter offices don't have phones. Or,
at least, they don't have phone numbers that they give out. The person I
talked to was able to give me an address. So now I have to write to them to
inquire about my lost package. Grrr.
I have learned my lesson. From now on: tracking/confirmation, insurance,
addresses inside packages. Got it. I still hate them.

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