~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

ballot box thoughts

"Should doctors help terminally ill patients end their own lives" was
the question. One of the answers was "I'm in remission... and if they had
treated terminally ill people, then I wouldn't be here to talk about it."
I'm wondering if this means that before she was in remission she wanted to
die or if it means that she thinks that doctors would just kill people who
wree going to die anyway, rather than it being an aided choice of the
patient. Curious.
It was almost a 60-40 split for yes. Some of the people's answers seemed to
be colored by experience with a loved one suffering before death. There weas
also a good section of people sayign that individuals should be able to make
choices about their own lives. Most of the no voters called it murder or
said that it should be up to God to decide and no one else.
Thoughts? Should I post this as a poll of my own in here later?

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