~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

food meme (thanks shan_a_rama!)

1. Favorite flavored pizza crust?
I'm not sure I've ever had one.

2. Favorite sub shop?
Quiznos is yummy but I think I tend to eat more healthfully at Subway, however that usually means I'm eating something fairly boring.

3. Temperature of burgers and steaks?
I'm not even sure what this means? I don't dig on cow much but if I did, I like it to be cooked. None of the whole kinda raw meat thing. It icks me out. :p

4. Sour cream on tacos?
Oh yes.

5. Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood?

6. Favorite fish or seafood?
I don't dig much on water-dwellers either. I get along with shrimp alright on occasion but I find it so so difficult to get past the texture. It really bothers me. It's like the little bits in orange segments only if you made them just that tiny bit tougher. Bleah.

7. Pizza topping if you could only choose one?
Pepperoni or mushrooms.

8. How do you like your eggs to be cooked?
Preferably some way with cheese. But no matter what, with no egg goo. Bleah.

9. Favorite drink to have while eating?

10. Spaghetti sauce or marinara?
Either is fine I suppose. I confess that I don't really know what makes them different.

11. Favorite food on the grill?
Not much for grilling. I suppoose if it's something I like that happens to be grilled, then I'll probably be happy.

12. Favorite sauce or marinade when grilling?
Um. No idea. I like things that involve garlic. But I have almost no personal experience with grilling.

13. Regular fries or curly?

14. Toppings on a burger?
I'm not much for burgers. If I were to make one, I'd fill the meat with so much seasoning it would resemble meat loaf and then probably cook it in a frying pan with garlic butter and mushrooms also cooked in garlic butter, a slice of american cheese and then grill the bun in the pan with all the tasty bits in it. It's not cow-y that way.
I like my gardenburgers with sliced american cheese, lettuce, tomato slices and mayo. Or Miracle Whip. I confess, I kind of like Miracle Whip.

15. Ever eaten sardines?
Possibly in something? maybe not though. I don't think I'd like them.

16. Weirdest sandwich you've ever made?
Peanut butter, cream cheese and Eckrich (it MUST be Eckrich!) olive loaf on white toast. It's really yummy.

17. Pancakes or french toast?

18. Butter or margarine?
I've grown to appreciate butter. I grew up with margarine though so it was an adjustment.

19. Favorite sub sandwich?
I don't really eat subs. The veggie one at Quiznos is pretty tasty.

20. Hot dog...bun or no bun?
Bun. I only tend to eat hot dogs at gatherings where you would typically find them. I do kind of like the cheese filled ones.

21. Bread of choice?
Italian with a good crust. I know it when I taste it.

22. Favorite soup?
Broccoli cheese perhaps?

23. Favorite ice cream?
Mint chocolate chip or white-white vanilla. I always liked the vanilla that came in the black and white generic carton that I've only found in the summer. I've grown pretty fond of Bumpy Cake ice cream too. It's yummy.

24. Favorite type of cake?
Darn Good Chocolate Cake (I think I've posted the recipe. I'll post it again if anyone wants it. It's fabulous.)

25. Favorite thing to order at Dairy Queen?
Turtle Sundae. I've been wanting one lately. Must be the PMS cravings kicking in. I spent Friday at work fantasizing about breakfast sausage.

26. Favorite appetizer at a restaurant?
Depends on the restaurant. Different places have different things that please me.

27. If you had to eat out for dinner all week where would you go?
If it had to be local, I'd pick some place chinese I think. Or maybe the Olive Garden. God I can just imagine how I'd waddle by the end of that week! If it could be anywhere, it would probably be that Turkish place in Chicago. So good!

28. Favorite pop or soda?
Eh. I'm pretty neutral on pop.

29. Liver and onions?
Never had it.

30. White Castle anyone?
Never had White Castle either.
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