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I feel so full and bleah and icky. I have been in a rarr feed me meat mood all day and we went to Bob Evans so I could have tasty breakfast sausage sandwich. Which I had. And home fries. And biscuits. And now I just feel overstuffed and fat and icky.

I don't know what's going on at Horizons tonight. Lots of police. And cars blocking the parking lot entrances to the surrounding buoldings too. I don't know if it's a result of something bad or something not bad. I guess for Saginaw High's prom last night they had all sorts of security. So maybe something like that?

I'm so glad to have 3 days off. Even if it is only one extra day I still welcome the break. Work was long and difficult this week and some of it sucked quite a bit. And it will make me feel better about going to sleep early tonight. Which I will do. I might at least wait until it's a little more like dark outside. It just feels wrong (and yet so right) to sleep when the sun is still up(ish).

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