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copy/paste: itchy! - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
copy/paste: itchy!
Allergies are kicking my ass today. It's early. It feels early. I didn't sleep as well as I wanted. Some of it was just me being too warm. Some of it was Steve snoring. Bleah. I must have been itching my throat in my sleep cause its itchy and sore today. And my eyes are leaky and itchy. Mmmm.

But I have coffee and that will make things better soon. And I have clean hair so I can wear it down today. I am! I haven't picked out my bpal yet. I should do that. Or I will wait 'til I get to work. That's what I usually end up doing. I carry my imps with me though so it works out. My tummy is gurgly. Maybe I'm hungry. I usually do breakfast at work too. I've been taking yogurt with me. I'd make myself a lean cuisine for breakfast here but I don't know if I'd have time to eat it. Probably not. Ah well.

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