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weekend update?

So let's see. I'm a bundle of excitement as always.
Yesterday I...
  • I bought a second pair of walking shoes.
  • I had a headache the whole day so that sucked and kind-of put a damper on my enthusiasm levels.
  • I got a scale and found that I've lost 10 pounds. Woo!
  • I spent way too much time online.
  • I ate lots of yummy food at Don Pablo's and I have lots of leftovers.
  • I went for an hour-long walk.

Ok I'm out of things to list there. I need to go to the store today and buy some cotton squares or rounds for my facial care routine. I think my headache finally left. So perhaps I'll feel more like letting Gunnar kick my ass today. I need to drink lots and lots of water. I was a slacker yesterday. If I could just stick with it, my skin would be very happy.

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