~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

daily blabber. blah.

Feel like journalling but don't really have anything to say. This is often
why I don't.
Yesterday I mostly wasted. I played around online, burned my hand making a
mini pizza, took pictures of and listed Lush stuff on ebay, watched a movie,
worked out. Sounds like more than it actually was. Most of it was taken up
by the playing around online part. Catching up on some LJ reading, answering
messages here and there from people I don't know.
I need to soak and wash this shirt that I'm wearing. My left sleeve looks a
little gray-ish.
It was decently warm when I left this morning. I think it's supposed to be
nice today. Well, perhaps it wasn't *warm* exactly... but not chilly like it
usually is in the morning. I really like summer mornings and it's too bad
that I miss most of them. I should have shaved my legs last night when I
showered. If it's really warm I'll probably not want to wear jeans.
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