~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Yay for cats!

So far today I have cleaned up various bits of kitty vomit that I will guess came from someone giving themselves an upset tummy by eating something they shouldn't have. I didn't find any bits of ribbon or cat toy in it but I didn't go picking through it either.
Then I cleaned out and replaced the litter in the litter boxes. They were particularly stinky. And the litter had clumped to the bottom in clay-y mounds that did not want to scrape up. Bleah. Then I swept up the stray kitty litter in the upstairs box (seriously, why must they fling it everywhere???) and then I was tired of messing with stuff that came out of cats and decided to not yet sweep the downstairs.
Instead I had an orange and am drinking water from my bunny cup! (Notice the cat hair clinging to it.)
Now I will make coffee. It's way past time.

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