~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

spidery goodness

Spiders and I could live pretty harmoniously as long as we could agree to
certain terms. I agree not to squish them and even to ignore them and not
put them outside. In return I wish they would agree not to do that freaky
dangly thing in front of my face. Or try to drop down on my head. Or drop
down on the cupboard in front of me when I'm trying to do breakfast things.
Actually if they could just avoid me we'd be fine. They can move around all
they want as long as they would just leave me out of it!
We seem to have a lot of eight-legged intruders. The greeny kind that build
little houses in corners and where walls meet. I think some of them are just
going to have to vacate. They can't seem to behave themselves. I'll still
keep up the no-squishing part of the bargain though.
I hear thunder. I love thunder storms. They make me happy!

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